Kit Harrington and toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon

Framestore’s Chris Waitt directed the hilarious spoof teasers for the third and final installment of DreamWorks’ animated How To Train Your Dragon films, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Visual Effects Supervisor
toothless the dragon biting a cable on a film set

The promotional film has clocked up nearly ten million views and features Toothless the dragon and British actor Kit Harington (who voices Eret in the HTTYD film series and who many viewers will recognise as Jon Snow from the HBO TV series, Game Of Thrones), apparently auditioning together back in 2010 for an “untitled fantasy TV drama”.

The film shows Harington in a studio reading and practicing various lines in front of camera (all of which poke fun at his Jon Snow character) while a playful Toothless repeatedly misses his cues, goofs around, and generally winds Harington up in a hilarious set of clips.

actor kit harington crouhed next to a cg animated toothless the dragon sheepishly looking at him

While DreamWorks created the original script and looked after the CG and compositing work (including animating, lighting and compositing Toothless the dragon into the respective scenes), Framestore was responsible for all aspects of the live action shoot (including directing a brilliant comic performance from Harington), providing on-set shoot supervision, editing of the final film and also the preparation of plates including tracking, roto and clean up, ready for DreamWorks to commence their CG and compositing work.

Chris Waitt, Director:
‘This was my first time working with Kit and I can honestly say that he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He has great comic timing and is technically very precise too – no doubt from hundreds of hours in front of camera. We had a lot of fun riffing on the script during the shoot.

‘DreamWorks is very happy with the final product. I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, especially in the area of “hybrid” directing projects i.e. half animation/half live action. I certainly hope so, as this is a favourite area of mine.’

toothless the dragons face peaking through the left corner as actor kit harington holds his hand up and looks away from it


Chris Waitt
Executive Producer
Simon Whalley
Live Action Producer
David Hay
Production Co-ordinator
Molly Collins
Nuke and Roto
Reece McFarlane and Grzegorz Zolnowski
VFX Shoot Supervision
Jordi Bares and Ollie Bersey
Senior Producer
Anna MacDonald
Live Action Production Assistant
Noah Ensus
CG and Compositing
DreamWorks Animation
Production Company
Framestore Pictures
Line Producer
Agnes Toomus
Hiero Editorial
Rich Gao
Carey Williams