An image of Paddington bear in a pink striped prison uniform holding a dinner tray, there is a blue block at the bottom with white text showing the webinar title, time and speakers.
29th May 2024  |  Conference

The Art of Animated Performances

Join animation supervisors Kayn Garcia and Nick Tripodi as they give an insight into The Art of Animated Performances.
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Annecy Festival
9th June 2024 - 15th June 2024  |  Conference

Annecy 2024

Over the course of its 60 years, the Annecy Festival has established itself as a global event dedicated to animation.
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A woman hiding behind a crate as a laser fires over her head, there is a blue block at the bottom with text detailing the name and time of the event.
11th June 2024  |  Conference

The Science and Fiction of Rebel Moon's VFX

Join Framestore VFX Supervisor Bob Winter for an exploration of Rebel Moon's alien creatures and immersive worlds.
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Develop Brighton
9th July 2024 - 11th July 2024  |  Conference

Develop: Brighton 2024

Develop:Brighton is all about bringing the whole game dev community together.
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