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We bring extraordinary ideas to life in any space or screen through craft, imagination and technology.

Framestore is home to a collective of visionaries working across film, advertising, television and immersive. Our work and skillset is wide-ranging, thanks to a pool of 3000 talented artists and producers in offices across the globe.

The Invisible Art

Our artists explore the art of animation and how we breathe life into creatures & characters at Framestore.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.


A cartoon man standing against a black, white and green background with a puff of smoke in front of him.
15th May 2024

IOC Launch Olympic Refugee Campaign

The International Olympics Committee launch their 1 in 100 million campaign for the Olympic Refugee Team led by Framestore's William Bartlett.
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A girl on stage with many animated characters of different shapes and sizes - there is the Animation Magazine logo in the bottom right corner.
7th May 2024

IFs In Animation Magazine

IF’s VFX Supervisor, Chris Lawrence and Animation Supervisor, Arslan Elver speak to Animation Magazine.
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A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest. There is the LBB logo in the bottom left corner.
2nd May 2024

LBB on the Invisible Art of VFX Animation

LBB interviewed Director of Animation, Michael Eames about our recent film, The Invisible Art.
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Our latest case studies

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A character from the film IF sits at a table in an IHOP restaurant with a group of children in suits

IHOP x IF Menu

An IF-inspired menu to feed your inner child.
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A giant gummy monster walks through a city with hundreds of nerds candy attached to it

Gummy Monster

We reimagined the Nerds mascots for the real world and crafted the new gummy monster.
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Spike Lee and Giancarlo Esposito next two two Fiat cars, outside of a mansion

Italy is Now in America

Spike Lee and Giancarlo Esposito have an electric reunion.
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