Techvis is the process of planning (often) complex shots using a combination of virtual elements with real-world equipment to help inform the work of multiple production departments.

The Process

Techvis typically takes the form of diagrams, animated schematics and data used to drive or control onset equipment such as motion control rigs, wire cams and techno-dollys. Its creation is based on captured footage and virtual assets to validate camera moves, camera placement and lens choices, mitigating the risk of physically implausible virtual choices.

Techvis is concerned with physics and specific camera data and less so with visual fidelity or usage in an evolving edit. As shoots become ever more complex and schedules more constrained, Techvis is becoming an invaluable service to many studios and filmmakers who rely on its accuracy and intelligence to maximise time on set and to mitigate cost and risk. As an extension to Previs, Techvis is a vital facet of FPS' suite of creative services and one which can add significant value to a complex production.

Tig Notaro on set on Army of the Dead
Tig Notaro on set on Army of the Dead

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