Develop Brighton
9th July 2024 - 11th July 2024  |  Conference

Develop: Brighton 2024

Our recruitment and technology teams will be attending Develop Brighton in July.
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A white background with the Society for Animation Studies Conference logo in the centre.
1st July 2024 - 4th July 2024  |  Conference

Society for Animation Studies Conference

The Society for Animation Studies and its annual conference not only illuminate the vast landscape of animation studies but also play an instrumental role in shaping its future trajectory.
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A woman hiding behind a crate as a laser fires over her head, there is a blue block at the bottom with text detailing the name and time of the event.
11th June 2024  |  Conference

The Science and Fiction of Rebel Moon's VFX

Join Framestore VFX Supervisor Bob Winter for an exploration of Rebel Moon's alien creatures and immersive worlds.
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Annecy Festival
9th June 2024 - 15th June 2024  |  Conference

Annecy 2024

The Annecy Animation Festival is the world's go-to animation event, and Framestore will be there in force.
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An image of Paddington bear in a pink striped prison uniform holding a dinner tray, there is a blue block at the bottom with white text showing the webinar title, time and speakers.
29th May 2024  |  Conference

The Art of Animated Performances

Join animation supervisors Kayn Garcia and Nick Tripodi as they give an insight into The Art of Animated Performances.
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A white background with the TEA SATE Europe 2024 logo in the centre.
14th May 2024 - 17th May 2024  |  Conference

TEA SATE Europe 2024

One of Europe's biggest conferences exploring immersive and themes entertainment and experiences.
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Zerospace Event NYC
2nd May 2024  |  Networking

Creative Technology and Brand Innovation Open House New York

Join industry experts from Framestore, Zerospace and 4Wall Entertainment for an exclusive series of Creative Technology Workshops developed specifically for advertising agencies and brands.
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FMX 2024 - Connecting Ideas
23rd April 2024 - 26th April 2024  |  Conference

FMX 2024

One of the world’s most important conferences dedicated to animation, effects, interactive and immersive media.
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Everything Procedural 2024
19th April 2024  |  Conference

Everything Procedural 2024

Breda University of Applied Sciences hosts Everything Procedural Conference for a variety of talks field of procedural content generation for games.
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Spark FX
16th February 2024 - 17th February 2024  |  Conference

Spark FX 2024

SparkFX is celebration of the extraordinary achievements in episodic and film productions from the past year.
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A white background with a black and orange ASIFA India logo
1st December 2023  |  Conference

Asifa India

CG Supervisor Prashant Nair explores the art of bringing digital creatures to life.
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A grey background with a white University of South Australia logo
30th November 2023  |  Conference

University of South Australia

Our new Head of Studio in Melbourne, Lara Hopkins joins the University of South Australia as they launch their new Bachelor of Visual Effects degree.
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