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Four images from The Crown, Loki, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Fallout set in a square frame with the Emmy logo in the bottom right.
17th July 2024

76th Emmy Nominations

Framestore has been nominated for an incredible four awards at this year’s Emmys.
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A close up of an alligator's eye with the Art of VFX logo in the bottom left corner.
16th July 2024

Praise for Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys: Ride or Die production VFX supervisor Kris Sundberg praises VFX Supervisor Dom Hellier in this interview with Art of VFX.
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A large albino alligator raises its head above water, mouth slightly open. A white Art of VFX logo sits in the bottom left corner.
11th July 2024

Make it snappy - Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Art of VFX catches up with Dom Hellier to unpack the explosive third act of Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die.
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An image of some test footage showing a cassette tape character wearing a sweatband.
8th July 2024

Behind the Tests - Animating IF

IF’s VFX Supervisor, Chris Lawrence and Animation Supervisor, Arslan Elver appear on the Befores & Afters podcast.
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An image of Paddington Bear looking at a pop up book of the houses of parliament.
6th July 2024

What Paddington Looks Like in Real Life

Looper take a closer look at what Paddington looks like behind the scenes.
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A black and white headshot of Sir William Sargent, with the LBB logo in the bottom left corner.
5th July 2024

What does the Labour Landslide Mean for UK Advertising?

The Chair and CEO of Framestore Company 3 Group, Sir William Sargent speaks to LBB on changes to the advertising industry,
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The Immortal Awards logo on a black background.
5th July 2024

Immortal Awards 2024 Jury Partners

For the third consecutive year, Framestore and Company 3 are continuing to support LBB’s Immortal Awards.
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A woman with short hair and dark make up on the to half of her face riding a motorcycle in the desert.
4th July 2024

Generative AI in the World of VFX

VFX Supervisor Theo Jones speaks with Gizmodo Australia, exploring the applications of AI within the VFX industry.
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A black and white headshot of a man with the 21 Artists Show logo in the bottom left corner.
2nd July 2024

21 Artists Show Interview

Director of Global Talent Development, Simon Devereux spoke on the 21 Artist Show.
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A man jumping from a crane to a helicopter through the air, there is the Befores and Afters logo in the bottom left corner.
1st July 2024

B&A Invisible Effects Issue

Befores and Afters covered the incredible invisible VFX work creating a digital double of Washington D.C. in Civil War and the VFX used throughout The Fall Guy in their latest print edition.

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Two mean wearing superhero outfits walking around a corner.
1st July 2024

Early Oscar Predictions

Both IndieWire and Variety have come out with early doors predictions for the 2025 Oscars.
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A very close up shot of an albino alligators eye.
28th June 2024

See You Later Alligator

Befores and Afters spoke to Bad Boys: Ride or Die VFX Supervisor, Dom Hellier.
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