portrait of executive creative director Murray Butler

Murray Butler

Executive Creative Director

Murray started his career as an artist at Framestore in London before leaving the UK to co-found the company's New York office.

He has won awards in both the UK and the US for his Visual Effects work.

In the past few years he has focused on Framestore's creative output, working closely with the creative directors and VFX teams in the US and UK. He returned to London in 2021.

As a Director and an ECD who brings his expertise in VFX to complex storytelling, Murray is a collaborative problem solver who thrives when finding technical solutions to creative challenges, regardless of medium, ranging from model-making and miniatures , virtual production to fully CG projects. He brings equal enthusiasm to imagining Dinosaurs in the UN general assembly as he does to working with celebrity talent like Tom Holland or Rowan Atkinson.

Most recently, Butler directed action-packed, stunt-heavy, sci-fi adventure for Dell’s Alienware, and reimagined the Greek god of the sea Poseidon for Kohler. On the back of the Grand-Prix winning Sheba campaign he was recently ranked in the Top ten of directors in the 2022 Lions Creativity report.

Poseidon close to camera looking angry.
Kohler 'Poseidon'
Rowan Atkinson
Netflix 'Trevor and Bee Land'
Sherwin Williams Dream It True Hero
Sherwin Williams 'Dream It True'