A person jumps off a building with a glowing green backpack on with a city skyline in the background

Defy Boundaries

Dell shatters boundaries in the stunningly rich, VFX-heavy spot directed by Framestore Pictures’ Murray Butler, promoting its Alienware designed for optimum gaming.

Visual Effects Supervisor
On Set Vis
Concept Design
Effects Simulation
close up of a cyberpunk character looking ahead

‘Defy Boundaries’ features characters breaking out of their own chrysalis shells to transform into the gaming versions of themselves, then continuing on their adventure to meet up with fellow gamers in a future-punk city.

Working alongside Dell Blue Creative, the project was supported end-to-end by Framestore and Framestore Pictures, from pre-production, through to shoot, VFX supervision, and with a final grade by Company 3.

From the chrysalis concept developed in collaboration with Framestore Creative Director Sharon Lock, to the environment and character concepts Framestore’s VFX team designed, as well as the execution and development of these ideas working alongside wardrobe, production design and camera, the team worked seamlessly in lockstep. 

animated character in a dimly lit room, sitting at a desk by their laptop. as they are typing their body is covered with them about to shapeshift into a suit
an animated character in a dimly lit room sitting at a desk by their laptop. they are looking at their palms as a suit shapeshifts onto them

“It was exciting to work on something so visually original,” said Butler. “These ideas take a lot more work as everything in the film had to be imagined, designed and built – whether for real in-camera shots, or CG. The whole spot feels different to what we’ve seen out in the world, and I’m very proud of it and of Jordan and the team’s excellent VFX work from pre to post-production.”

To create the engrossing visuals, Framestore’s VFX team was tasked with creating a seamless transition between characters in their various costumes. 

“Using a butterfly chrysalis as inspiration, we designed an effect in which the initial costume forms an outer shell and eventually breaks away, revealing the new, underlying costume,” said Framestore VFX Supervisor, Jordan Carroll. “Lining up the multiple takes, transforming and warping body parts to align seamlessly took extensive compositing work before camera tracking and roto-animation could take place.”

an animated character jumping out of a building
two animated characters looking at each other as one fondly looks back at them. the city skyline twinkles in the background during nighttime


Dell Blue Creative
Framestore Pictures
Managing Director
Jennifer Siegel
Head of Production
Anne Vega
Line Producer
Chris Lettley
Diego Rosenfeld
Managing Director
Krystina Wilson
Head of Production
Cat Pavitt
Shoot Supervisor
Eric Rosenfeld
VFX Supervisor/CG Lead
Jordan Carroll
Creative Director (Pitch)
Sharon Lock
Compositing Lead, Flame Finish
Ruairi Twohig
Art Director
Chris Friesen
Design Lead
Jake Cuddihy
Concept Designers
Nik Yordanov, Coy Yuan, Ben Wallant, Katie Hallaron, Thanos Kagkalos
Adam Thompson
CG Team
Dan Bruce, Ariana Ziae-Mohseni, CK Lu, Victor Uhal, Wei-Ting Duo, Jeremy Livingston
2D Team
Alex Harding, Megan McGuire, Isaac Spiegel, Corrina Wilson, Abhishek Singh
Jordan Taylor
VFX Editor
Stephen Cheatum
VFX Producer
Simon Jensen
Company 3
Clark Griffiths
Carey Williams
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