'When you have Framestore doing the visual effects, that brings an air of confidence.'
David Heyman, Producer

A three time Oscar-winning creative studio, we have worked with some of the greatest storytellers in film today. Collaborating with directors and producers across the complete filmmaking process to help design, plan and create beautiful images, we focus on finding innovative creative solutions to support their vision and set new standards for visual effects in cinema.

Framestore was tasked with breathing life into a ‘Smart Hulk,’ a never-seen-before Bruce Banner / Hulk hybrid. Balancing the human performance of Banner and the seismic power of the Hulk required a deft mix of cutting-edge tech and Framestore’s world-renowned animation, and the result is a striking fully-CG character whose unique performance is loaded with human nuance, emotion and comedy.

Framestore is proud to have worked on the internet-breaking Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, leading on 24 unique Pokémon, each with their own unique personalities, powers and characteristics.

'I can't thank you and your team enough for the great work they have accomplished. We love Framestore!'
Stephane Ceretti
VFX Supervisor, Doctor Strange