Two surgeons operate on a holographic body, while in the clouds

Cloud First

Accenture’s vibrant campaign depicts a series of ethereal clouds that link scenes, showcasing how ideas and innovations can become a reality with Accenture Cloud First. Working alongside one of advertising’s most famed directors Daniel Kleinman in partnership with creative agency Droga5, Framestore’s New York-based team brought the final film to life from concepting, to VFX, and final grade by Company 3 colorists, Beau Leon and Steffan Perry.

Concept Design
Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor

a futuristic doctor's operating table with two surgeons examining a holographic set of lungs suspended in air. there is a hologram of a person laying on the operating table. there are surgery screens and colourful mist surrounding the area
a futuristic table tennis with a person playing against a machine that has a ping pong bat attached to its extended arm. there is colourful mist surrounding the area

The team worked closely with Kleinman to create a detailed pre-visualization that flowed from one concept to the next. The scenes were then primarily shot on green screen in a studio or on location at a beach, then stitched together in post, which meant that planning out the camera movement and timing was key to the continuity of the film as a whole. LIDAR technology was also employed for accurate data capturing of the sets. Each studio set was duplicated and extended digitally in 3D to create a more expansive world that integrated with the cloudscapes.

“The greatest creative challenge was defining how the clouds should be represented,” said Vicky Osborn, Creative Director at Framestore. “It was always clear that they should not resemble real clouds too closely, so we had the freedom to play with color, scale and movement that would complement each scene.”

With that in mind, artists streamlined the process by building a library of CG clouds that could mix together in shape and color in order to generate the expansive cloudscapes required to fill each scene. Close attention was paid to composition, layout and color palette of each different space, and in particular how the color flowed through to connect each scenario.

“As with any one-shot commercial, it was a feat in organization and planning to effectively execute the shots and link them to their respective cameras,” said Gigi Ng, Framestore VFX Supervisor. “We had to be flexible with the transitions to ensure everything flowed seamlessly.”

a person in a suit and tie walking on a rope on a rooftop of a cityscape. there is colourful mist surrounding the area
a futuristic vertical vegetable farm that has uv lamps. there are two people standing. one of them is overlooking vegetation that has been harvested on a steel trolley. the other person is looking towards the end of the room


Rattling Stick
Daniel Kleinman
Director of Photography
Galo Olivares
Creative Director, VFX Supervisor
Victoria Osborn
VFX Supervisor
Eric Rosenfeld
Executive Producer
Heino Henning
Nathan Niamehr
Production Coordinator
Emma Eckhoff
Layout Supervisor/Lidar
Sean Dollins
Lead Compositor
Gigi Ng
Euna Kho, Avery Herzog, Jason Tsai, Karch Coon, Zavier Mojica, Kane Herd, Gil Milstein, Sarah Oh
CG Lead
Jimmy San
CG Artists
Nicholas De La Fuente, Jasmine Kataikarn, Ryan Robinson, Sarah Van Alstyne, Jessica Soderstrom, Minji Sohn, Oscar Tan, Youran Lyu, Nate Diehl, Jeremy Livingston, Marco Amador, Soren Barton, Sean Dollins
CG Animation Lead
Jon Burke
CG Animators
Han Hu, Marco Marenghi
CG FX Lead
Shawn Lipowski
CG FX Artists
Mohamed Echkouna, Victor Grant, Mark Ingle, Kjell Strode, David Wagner
Finishing Artist
Greg Gaskins
Coy Yuan, John Haley, Tyler West
Digital Matte Painter
Callum McKeveny
Concept Artists
Joachim Hoekx, Sunil Pant
Company 3
Beau Leon, Steffan Perry
Color Assistants
Alec Doherty, Evan Reinhard, Adam Stannard
Color Producers
Jamie Runkle, Chris Anthony
Lime Studios
Rock Paper Scissors
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