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Make the Connection

Framestore Pictures Director Anh Vu brings her elevated visuals and design aesthetic to introduce audiences to Fortune 500 global enterprise Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), showcasing an intricate string of connections that exist between the network of global markets that ICE touches.

Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor
Concept Design
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Prophecy by Prosek, the strategic branding and creative offering from leading integrated marketing and communications firm Prosek Partners, tapped Framestore Pictures for the production of their concept and campaign for 'Make the Connection.' The commercial shoot, which spanned New York, Fort-Lauderdale and London was met with logistical challenges of shooting throughout the pandemic, the team continuously adapted to the evolving script and scale of the shoot.

The spot features a host of unexpected, high profile figures in their respective fields, including Zak Brown (CEO of McLaren), Thomas Healy (CEO of Hyliion), radio and HGTV host Egypt Sherrod, well-known New York Stock Exchange trader Peter Tuchman, financial educator and influencer Rose Han, gaming industry multi-media personality Erin Ashley Simon, YouTube stars Duca and Roberta, and artist and musician DJ Nur.

a race car inside of a transparent room that is layered in blue neon lights. the nighttime city skyline twinkles in the background
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“The agency really trusted my vision and allowed room to explore engaging and dynamic shots that connect seamlessly throughout the film,” said Vu. “Collaborating closely with Director of Photography Jon Chema, we played with different colored lighting setups which helped to elevate the final picture for a slick, modern and cinematic aesthetic.” 

In collaboration with four different production designers across the three locations, Vu worked to create a cohesive visual language across each set. She also tapped Drone Dudes to bring to life a series of dynamic camera moves, such as flips, a sharp dive down to a sailboat and a chase across the open water of Florida, fighting against challenging weather, equipment logistics, and coordination across multiple boats.

The Framestore team created the look and feel of the CG blue line that runs through the film, considering its speed, lighting and integration into each scene. They also created the CG sequence of the red car and truck featured, designing the interface with a game-like quality, in addition to the seamless transitions between scenes. The final color grade was completed by Company 3, which is now part of Framestore.

a sail yacht at sea with the sun glimmering ahead. there are two people standing together at the boat's wheel.
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Prophecy (Prosek)
Anh Vu
Framestore Pictures
Managing Director
Jennifer Siegel
Head of Production
Anne Vega
Line Producer
Tina Nakane
Director of Photography
Jon Chema
Managing Director
Charles Howell
VFX Producer
Michael Brown
VFX Supervisor
Whitehouse Post
Alex Hagon
CG Lighting Technical Directors
Nico De La Fuente, Jim Vidal
Lead Flame Artist
Robin McGloin
CG Rigger
Minji Sohn
CG Animator
Francisco Dias
Elaina Brillantes, Avery Herzog, Isaac Spiegel
Jasen Aziz
Coy Yuan
Company 3
Simon Bourne
Sound/VO Record
Mat Guido, SoundsLike
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