16th May 2024
LED Volumes
Virtual Production/Volume Supervisor
Creature Design/Art Department

Autodesk Explore Perfect VFX in Barbie

This week the Autodesk blog explores the practically perfect VFX created by Framestore that bridged the gap between the ‘real’ world and Barbie Land in last year’s box office breaking Barbie. From the virtual scouting done for Barbie Land using Farsight to the modelling and rigging using Autodesk Maya, the blog post shows the extent to which virtual production, LED volume, and VFX were used to find creative solutions during production.

Framestore’s Glen Pratt served as Production VFX Supervisor, working with director Greta Gerwig and her core creative team from planning through to final pixel. Alongside supplementary concept art, Framestore's work included visdev (led by Owen Jackson), previs, postvis and virtual production (led by Kayar Jabar) and approximately 1300 beautiful VFX shots (led by François Dumoulin) that complemented the film's meticulously-crafted sets and expanded Barbie Land far beyond the studio lot.

Read the full blog post here.