LED Volumes

Framestore pioneered the use of LED technology with its Oscar-winning work on Gravity. Today, it continues to make creative strides in this growing field across film, episodic and advertising. 

From expansive, boundary-pushing projects like 1899 that use the volume from beginning to end to films like Barbie that integrate the technology as part of a wider filmmaking palette, our artists, producers and technologists have the experience and expertise to deliver world-class work regardless of scale or genre.  setting up infrastructure to designing 

Our team has the deep technical knowledge required to set up and run the volume and its associated infrastructure, while our integrated, filmmaker-friendly approach means we speak the same language as directors, showrunners, DOPs and production designers. This unique combination allows for a seamless, hand-in-glove working relationship whether our collaboration begins and ends in the volume or proceeds to final VFX.  

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