A black and white photo of Gavin Fox

Gavin Fox

Creative Director

Gavin has been a creative director in Framestore’s immersive department since 2014 and uses his love of all things immersive and interactive to create the best possible theme park rides and location-based entertainment experiences. 

From his previous work with digital agency Poke and Secret Cinema to the creation of his own haunted houses and immersive shows and his near-obsession with escape rooms, Gavin is perfectly positioned to deliver the most exciting narratives and thrilling experiences for consumers through partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names in immersive entertainment and theme park operations. 

Gavin was one of the creative leads on Framestore’s herculean project for Lionsgate Entertainment World where he wrote and directed media and narratives for several brand new theme park rides. This included the Thea award winning ‘Midnight Ride’, a Twilight-themed group VR experience where riders speed through the forest to hunt down vampires.

Gavin worked across all of the Jurassic World attractions Framestore delivered, which feature in parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Beijing. ‘Jurassic World Adventure’ in Beijing was awarded a VES Award.

He also lead Framestore’s creative work on ‘Jumanji - The Adventure’ in Italy’s major themepark, Gardaland. He collaborated with the team at Merlin Magic Making to design many parts of the attraction including track design, ride movement, animatronics and lighting.

close up of a person wearing a vr headset and gear sitting on a motorcycle ride
Lionsgate Entertainment World - Midnight Ride
two actors wearing victorian clothing holding up pints of beer while looking into the camera amongst a crowd in a bar
Stella Artois x Wimbledon - Time Portal Interactive Theatre
Jumanji The Adventure Still 1
Gardaland - Jumanji The Adventure