passenger seat perspective looking out to dynamo from inside of a car

The Power of X

Headset on and suddenly there he is. Dynamo is standing just a few feet in front of you, cards flicking between his hands. He turns away and climbs into a Fiat, ignoring physics as he drives off. Suddenly, it’s you who’s inside, really inside the new Fiat 500X, looking over the dashboard in one of our most realistic VR experiences to date, made for Fiat with Krow for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

passenger seat perspective looking out to dynamo from inside of a car

Dynamo, who is the only live action element in the pre-rendered two-minute experience, was shot in stereo on two RED cameras by our live action production team. Everything else was generated in 3D and rendered at four times the resolution of HD, 60fps and in stereo, requiring the full force of the Framestore infrastructure to crunch through 184 years’ worth of CPU render hours.

'It was great to be so closely involved with the creative concept and be trusted to bring Framestore's knowledge in VR to create an experience that not only gives you a visual spectacle but also tells a compelling and unique story', says Creative Director Gavin Fox. 'We've all learned so much more with this project (me especially!), and I'm tremendously proud of what the team have made.'

dynamo shuffling cards next to a red fiat 500x

'One of the key challenges for the team was creating an engaging experience that still told a story', says VFX Supervisor Russell Dodgson. 'As VR is such a 360°, non-linear experience all narrative language goes out the window. Essentially the viewer is the camera, so we had to build the experience to attract their attention to key moments and areas without making them feel uncomfortable or rushed. It’s all about deception, so VFX is very similar to magic in that respect.'

passenger seat perspective looking out to dynamo from inside of a car

The visual experience is complemented by a series of 4D elements including rumble packs and sound, with the latter essential to keeping the viewer engaged and leading them down the storyline. Each sound was positioned individually within 3D space so the user experiences everything at exactly the right moment.

'I always enjoy a technical puzzle and finding solutions to problems, and this was definitely one of the more challenging projects I’ve been part of, almost like learning a new language! So I‘m very happy with how it turned out', adds Russell.

a red fiat 500x car on the ceiling of a concrete building


Production Company
Framestore Pictures
Agency Producer
Emma Rookledge
Executive Producer
David Hay
Selena Stokes
VFX Supervisor
Lead Developer
Ben Archard
Executive Creative Director
Nick Hastings
Sound Design
Jungle Studios
Assistant Producer
Toby Walsham
Line Producer
Tanya Ligertwood
Creative Director
Alex Acosta
Senior Producer
Heather Kinal
Creative Director
CG Supervisor
Ahmed Gharraph
Creative Technologist
Karl Woolley
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