x-ray of a skeleton with medical infographics on the sides


Framestore’s digital team has partnered with cult movie-loving community Secret Cinema to enhance film viewing experiences with immersive visual effects (VFX).

Secret Cinema, known for extending the movie-going experience by creating clandestine film-themed events that build up to the screening of a secret film, entered unchartered territory by screening a new release – Prometheus – every night in June at an undisclosed central London location.

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Visual Effects Supervisor
dna graphic with alien text on the side

By partnering with Framestore, Secret Cinema was able to further deliver on its promise to help film fans live ‘inside the film’ by creating VFX-led experiences that gave attendees a taste of the film.

Following Prometheus’s sci-fi theme, Framestore developed a pseudo medical X-ray scanner using Xbox’s motion-sensing Kinect cameras. The VFX team also helped create landing films, 3D maps based on ground plans of the event’s secret location and a giant movie wallpaper. In addition, the event played host to a "secret" restaurant, bars, DJs and world-class lasers.

an x-ray of a skeleton with medical infographics on the sides

Framestore’s digital creative director Mike Woods said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Secret Cinema because they’re exactly the type of crowd that can relate to our mission of enhancing experiential marketing with immersive, innovative and interactive visual effects. Evolutions in technology and digital mean we now have the tools necessary to blur the lines between the passive experience of watching and the active experience of taking part. Viewing no longer needs to be a linear experience and visual effects can boost this new model by creating an added element of live and interactive theatre.”

Fabien Riggall, Founder and Creative Director at Secret Cinema said: "We are honoured to partner with Framestore in all digital creation and visual effects for the Prometheus experience. They brought all digital elements to life and created a truly incredible viewing experience for our audience which was vital to this very special production."

brain and medical graphic with alien text in the top right corner

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