A woman wearing a white shirt sits on a motorcycle indoors with a VR headseat on her head

The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride

One of the most technically-impressive attractions at Lionsgate Entertainment World that Framestore worked on with Thinkwell Group is 'Midnight Ride', an exciting group VR experience that sees visitors mount motorcycles to join Jacob Black and his wolfpack in a journey through the forest to hunt down newborn vampires.

a person wearing a vr headset sitting in a motorcycle-like game device

One of two rides based on The Twilight Saga at Lionsgate Entertainment World, the project which Framestore has delivered for Thinkwell Group, the experience’s motorbikes are mounted on CAVU Designwerks' state of the art motion bases and riders use custom-designed VR headsets that place them inside a virtual reality world. The motion control is integrated seamlessly into what’s seen inside the VR experience so when a rider pulls the throttle on their bike, they both see and feel the sensation of accelerating as they speed through the forest alongside Jacob care of the visually-exciting 90fps real-time virtual media created by Framestore.

a wolf from the film twilight eating the head of a person laying on the floor. they are in a forest that is burning
a person riding a motorcycle in the woods during nighttime
We needed to design a ride that would completely immerse visitors. So we worked out a way to make the physical motorbike experience as authentic as possible allowing them to interact with the virtual environment in their own way.
Gavin Fox
Creative Director


Lionsgate Entertainment World
Thinkwell Group
Ride Media Production
Creative Director
Senior Producer
Lauren Anderson
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