Art Department

Our in-house art department has an impressive track record, providing creature, character and world design for an incredible range of films, games, TV shows, ad campaigns and theme park rides. 

The multidisciplinary team is as comfortable working as part of the wider Framestore ecosystem on a ‘beginning to end’ project as it is as a standalone unit, providing creative solutions for projects that do not otherwise bear the Framestore stamp. 

Their skills have been brought into play at almost every stage of a project’s creative lifespan. Most commonly, they are engaged at script stage to help breathe life into a director’s vision: building environments, vehicles, characters and creatures to serve as a vivid creative blueprint. Similarly, their work can also be used to help map out or troubleshoot complex sequences or set pieces. 

Their team’s work has also been used at even early stages of development - providing beautiful proof-of-concept work that has helped to get nascent projects financed and green-lit.