Concept art of two knights battling, one spears the other

Dracula Untold: Art Department

Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold isn’t your typical vampire story. There was a determination to do something different right from the start – beginning in a pre-production office coated in a what-not-to-do wallpaper of every vampire from every movie, ever. Shore was keen to avoid the well-trodden gothic vampire story and instead ground this iteration in the history of the man Bram Stoker took as inspiration for Dracula. That historical backdrop meant a new challenge for Framestore: armies fighting huge battles, and some beautiful scenery and towering castles for them to be staged in.  The Art Department was involved from conception stage onwards, providing inspiration for characters, animations and the many intricate environments used in the final film.

Concept Design
Creature Design/Art Department
interior of castle darcula that is adorned in headless marble statues as count dracula stands under an archway

We didn’t want Luke to sit there with pointy teeth and pale skin. The idea was that there’s an inner creature under his skin.
Ben Lambert
CG Supervisor
count dracula crouching as hundres of bats form around his body giving a winged illusion

Universal gave us a rough concept model, which we used as a starting point to work up to the different elements we needed.
CG Supervisor
close up of actor charles dance as master vampire
close up of actor dominic cooper as mehmed
actor luke evans as vlad about to bite into someones neck

back view of medieval soldiers walking towards a mountain

We were very keen early on to lose the idea that a man could turn into a single small bat as seen in other films... Instead we went with the idea that he could turn into a number of bats that would move like a comet.
Christian Manz
VFX Supervisor
bats and petroleum-like subtance hovering over a battle field

thousands of bats descending onto hundreds of medieval soldiers in a battlefield


Production Company
Universal Pictures
Gary Shore
Director of Photography
John Schwartzman
VFX Supervisor (Overall)
VFX Supervisor (Framestore)
VFX Supervisor (Framestore)
Ivan Moran (Framestore, Montréal)
CG Supervisor
Ben Lambert (London), JP Li (Montréal)