A fleet of historic ships on the sea, approaching mountains

King Arthur: Art Department

Conjuring giant elephants, magical serpents and the out-of-this-world environments, Framestore’s Art Department were bought on board during the preproduction stage of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword; creating detailed concepts for key scenes across the film.

Concept Design
Creature Design/Art Department
Visual Effects Supervisor
a gigantic elephant with four tusks adorned in battle armour walking towards soldiers riding horses

concept art of two gigantic elephants with six tusks each adorned in battle armour

The scale was the biggest challenge here. Everything had to be huge.
Ben Mangana
CG SUpervisor
aerial view of a gigantic war elephant that has a battle arsenal on its back

two gigantic elephants adorned in battle armour charging towards a brick bridge as thousands of soldiers below are fighting

It was a lot of fun - it was fantastical and magical but in a grounded, gritty way. We had a lot of creative freedom.
Christian Kaestner
VFX Supervisor
a tower made up of hundreds of skeletons in a forest with dead trees

concept art of a soldier wearing battle armour holding a sword inside of a ring of fire amongst a roman architecture that is in ruins

two soldiers fighting on a wooden bridge in front of colossal mountains, lightning strikes inside of smoke

two soldiers fighting on a rock next to three large engraved standing stones amongst mountainous terrain with lava streams running down the mountains

a medieval town structure settlement at the base of a mountain. there is a large tower that is omitting light that resembles a plasma globe

We built the Nemesis character from the inside out.
Stuart Penn
CG Supervisor
nemesis staring directly into the camera with its white eyes and razor sharp teeth
nemesis character wearing a skull shaped horned battle helmet looking directly into the camera
nemesis character wearing a skull shaped horned battle helmet and cape while holding fists up in victory

back view of nemesis character wearing a horned shaped helmet and battle trousers
nemesis character standing while wearing a skull shaped horned battle helmet and cape