Concept Art of Spider-Man, held in the palm of Mysterio's hand

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Art Dept

Our Art Department always enjoy working with a comic book legend, so they were quick to swing into action and design key beats for Spider-Man: Far From Home's stand-out 'illusion battle'.  

The iconic, heavily-stylised sequence takes the audience on a surreal flight of fantasy and sees Peter Parker confronted with his greatest fears. The work allowed the team to really get involved in the creative storytelling of the piece, from creature design to environments to some deeply dramatic moments that confront Spidey with shattering moments from his past. 

Concept Design
Creature Design/Art Department
Visual Effects Supervisor
spider-man caught up laying in a spider web as a giant spider approaches him. they are in a giant spider web layer with tunnels around the background

spider-man suspended in air with spider webs

spider-man dwarved by a gigantic spider web
spider-man dwarved by a gigantic spider web as a giant hand is about to grab him in the background
Far From Home unexpectedly delivers the series' most thrillingly mind-bending imagery since Doctor Strange had his third eye opened by the Ancient One
spider-man standing in front of large mirrored shards as a giant mysterio silhoutte hovering over him with his arms open

back view of spider-man standing amongst broken shard looking up at a giant broken mirror that has a mysterio silhoutte

spider-man standing on a life sized board game as mysterio descends down with his arms up

spider-man in an eye shaped tunnel standing with his arms down looking ahead. there is circular mist behind him

spider-man running on top of dominoes that have spider-man heads on it

The key aspect for us to solve in the Art Department was to achieve a story-driven aesthetic. We gave our imagery a sense of surrealism and it was a real team-driven creative roller coaster which I loved every minute of.
Jonathan Opgenhaffen
Art Director
a full moon headed mysterio surrounded in green mist holding up mj by the neck as spider-man looks on

spider-man about to fall off the edge of a room that has a shop banner with text that reads 'bar a champagne'

spider-man chased by a giant mysterio head as his cape surrounds him

spider-man duplicated with many layers while he is running

It was fantastic to see this sequence develop and unfold. This was a great example of everyone coming together to make it work, from an idea, to concept, to film, and all in a very short space of time.
Martin Macrae
Head of Art Department
spider-man cautiously looking at the severed head and body of a giant iron man. a giant iron man head is on the left and the rest of his body is standing with his right arm up. green mist surrounds the area

close up of a zombified iron man. spider webs cover is head and shoulders

spider-man fallen to the ground looking up at a zombified iron man coming out of a grave in a misty graveyard

spider-man on top of a moving train. long exposure photography effects fly by the sides

spider-man looking up in a tunnel cave full of hands coming out of the walls

We are all really proud with the final result at Framestore - let's make all projects as creatively challenging and interesting as this one!
Alexis Wajsbrot
VFX Supervisor
spider man art process reference photos of a phila pilipes spider that has an oval shaped body with yellow stripes
spider art sketches of a white spider with pink legs in contrast to spider-man
art sketch of a giant spider that has an opal body and crystal legs in contrast to spider-man with reference photos of striped lynx spiders on the top and bottom right corner
art sketch of a giant spider in contrast to spider-man. there are reference photos of a spiny orb-weaver and a whip spider
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