Deadpool is sat on a sofa looking at the camera with his feet up.

The World Becomes The World Cup

Framestore partnered with Wieden & Kennedy and Fox Sports to bring the world together for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Coinciding with the release of Deadpool 2, the superhero makes his own appearance in the football tournament spot, not to be outdone by the ‘obligatory David Beckham cameo.’

deadpool character sitting on a sofa looking directly into the camera

a backyard with a swimming pool. a comet is about to crash into the yard
a child watching television at the foot of a sofa with a surprised impressed looked on his face

Framestore artists took on a range of VFX work including matte painting, set extension, plate stitching, and screen comps. The team was also scoped to create CG elements, including a full airport and a flaming football-turned-meteor.

empty red fifa world cup award case

footballer messi on a television screen as he is about to shoot a ball on a football pitch
footballer david beckham sitting on a sofa looking directly at the camera with an aloof smile


Wieden + Kennedy NY
Production Company
Arts & Sciences
Producer, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Dom Tunon
Director, Arts & Sciences
Matt Aselton
Art Director, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Mina Mikhael
Executive Producer, Arts & Sciences
Mal Ward
Executive Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Karl Lieberman
Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Gary Van Dzura, Eric Helin, Laddie Peterson
Director of Photography, Arts & Sciences
Mihai Malaimare Jr.
VFX Supervisor
Matt Pascuzzi
Senior VFX Producer
Lily Tilton
Greg Cutler, Martin Lazaro, Raul Ortego, Steve Drew, Karch Coon, Chris Beers, Dan Giraldo, Greg Gaskins, Liz Yang, Zavier Mojica, Elaina Brillantes, Scarlett Thiele, Sydney Inman
Editor, Rock Paper Scissors
Biff Butler, Dan de Winter
Motion Graphics
Neon, Brian Hwang, Dustin Bailey
Copywriter, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Matt Herman
Senior Flame Artist
Greg Cutler
Digital Matte Painting
Callum McKeveny
Mix Company
Sound Lounge
Line Producer
PJ Stegall
Oscar Tan, Minji Sohn, Jim Hundertmark, Will Frazier, Mohamed Echkouna, Phil Robinson
Editorial Company
Rock Paper Scissors
Sound Design Company
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