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Wonder Awaits

Framestore is thrilled to have partnered with production company Iconoclast and advertising agency Lucky Generals on Wonder Awaits; a dream-like commercial for Celebrity Cruises. 

Visual Effects Supervisor
a cruise ship sailing through the ocean during sunset. text 'wonder awaits' is in the centre of the image

The one minute film follows a passenger on board the new Celebrity Edge cruise ship as she tours the vessel in a series of Alice in Wonderland-esque sequences. Framestore was key in making sure that Iconoclast’s vision came to life and did so using a number of techniques, including the addition of digital matte paintings to replace views out of the ship windows, the creation of smoke-like effects, the replacement of bluescreen and making the film’s main subject look ten times smaller. 

a person looking up
side view of a person looking into the distance in between blurred giant wine glasses

Talking about the work on the commercial, VFX Supervisor Leo Costa said ‘the team here at Framestore enjoyed working with the production team and the clients to create this really imaginative commercial that’s full of beautiful visuals. Being on the boat during the live action shoot meant I was able to work with the producers to troubleshoot there and then in order to make sure the vision was realised as we planned the creation of the film’s really unique sequences.’

Representing a link between the real world and a dreamlike one, the subject floats through a world that looks like something between smoke and water. Framestore needed to create a colourful environment that the actor was integrated into having been shot on cables against a bluescreen.

an aerialist suspended in air hanging from a crescent moon shaped trapez

A standout scene sees the main character shrink down to a tenth of her original size and run across a dinner table. Live action plates of both the subject and the table were shot, the latter of which required a three-inch 3D printed stand-in for the actor. When shooting the miniature, key measurements including the focal length and the camera distance were recorded and then transposed proportionally in order to shoot the actor in a studio. ​

To complement the film’s visuals, Framestore’s Head of Grading Steffan Perry created a dramatic colour grade for the film, bringing the different scenes and sequences into a single cohesive commercial which is bold and rich in colour. 

Our role on this project wasn’t to take over with a VFX-heavy approach but to lend our skills to the project to make every element look as realistic as possible - even if they are fantastical.
Leonardo Costa
VFX Supervisor
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Celebrity Cruises
Production Company
VFX and Shoot Supervisor
Leonardo Costa
Thomas Greenhalgh, Ysabel King, Emre Aypar, Kane Herd, Sherrine Byfield, Reece McFarlane, Matthew Thomas
Senior TD / Lighting
Darren Byford
Senior FX TD
Chris Bore, Valerio DiNapoli
Senior Rigging
Robert Joosten
Judy Robert
VFX Producer
Sian Jenkins
Lucky Generals
Suza Horvat
CG Supervisor
Stephen New
Daniel Bielawski, Steve Townrow
Layout TD
Alicia Saleh
Junior FX TD
Roger Escola
Paint and Roto
Grzegorz Zolnowski, John Williams, Katherine O'Loingsigh
VFX Editor
Nick Feldman
VFX Coordinator
Megan De Wolf
Head of Film
Joe Bagnall
VFX and Colour
Executive Creative Director
William Bartlett
Senior TD
Jabed Khan, Ed Mykolaitis
David Cattermole
TD / Texture
Sondre Utheim
Digital Matte Painting
Katherine Ross
Steffan Perry
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