While the original concept included a series of commercials focusing on unique destinations, director Henry Scholfield’s vision to create a fantastical dreamscape with unrelenting momentum saw the final outcome become one all-encompassing anthem commercial. Working alongside creative agency Team One and Scholfield, the Framestore team helped bring to life the four distinct themes an effort to ignite excitement in travelers who will soon be able to realize their dreams of adventuring far and wide once again.

Shot in Barcelona with a local team, and Framestore supervision based remotely in Los Angeles, this campaign marked the second time the team worked together for the brand in 2021. 

Framestore was responsible for a variety of VFX elements, from the composting of the many seamless transitions, scale gags and enhanced environments using Flame and Nuke, in addition to extensive digital matte painting to fully create exotic and impossible locations, from Tibet to a miniature Earth. Maya was utilized for all 3D work, including set extensions and underwater scenes, as well as Houdini for the FX of giant exploding flower balls, parachutes, clouds, water and other ephemera.

“It is always a great opportunity to work on a campaign like this. With the constantly changing, trippy visuals and optical illusions it really lets us throw everything in our kit bag at it to realize Henry’s insane vision. It’s always a rush for me to go from exchanging rough sketches with the director to refining the resulting full-blown CG environments. As always, Team One were fantastic partners, that really gave the Framestore team the latitude to bring more and more into the frame,” said Framestore VFX Supervisor James Rogers.

The campaign is now live on Expedia’s social and digital channels.