A modern rectangular house peaking out of a forested hillside in a sunset.

The Twilight Saga: Bella's Journey

A dark ride at Lionsgate Entertainment World, Framestore created the digital media for Thinkwell Group that told the story of The Twilight Saga from the perspective of Bella Swan in 'Bella’s Journey'. Riders encounter digital doubles of a number of their favourite characters created in CG and realised using the latest in high-quality projection.

cg animated forest

Talking about the ride, Gavin Fox said: ‘it was quite the challenge to encapsulate the entire Twilight Saga within one ride. The attraction's huge physical forest and snow-capped mountain sets are a brilliant stage for the characters, which gave us a good range of dramatic moods to create media in.'

All of the ride's media is rendered using a moving perspective to match perfectly with the physical set so that the media always looked good.

two people sitting down looking at a screen in an immersive ride game
top view of an animation process of a maze game
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