a choir singing on a stage in london

Samsung Gear S3 World Choir

Framestore applied its unique brand of cinematic data visualisation to a festive brief from Samsung and agency Cheil London, showcasing the capabilities of the new Gear S3 smartwatch through the voices of London's multicultural choirs and a bespoke biometric stage.

The campaign brought together 24 world choirs from across the capital, to perform throughout December at the landmark Eros fountain in Piccadilly Circus. Wearing the new Gear S3 devices, the choirs presented hour-long performances, during which time their live biometric data was monitored and transformed into stunning large-scale, real-time graphics, made possible through a custom system built by the Framestore team.

The ‘Gear S3 World Choir’ event was devised by agency Cheil London to capture the cultural heartbeat of the capital this Christmas. The one-of-a-kind biometric stage visually displays the heartbeat, movements and calories burnt by each choir as they perform, via the Gear S3 smartwatches worn by select chorists. The project is Labs' first to utilise personal data drawn from wearables to create public data visualisations.

close up of a samsung gear s3 watch
close up of a samsung gear s3 watch

The Framestore  team, led by Global Head of Creative Robin Carlisle, built a string of applications to manage the chain of events involved in the activation, incorporating live data drawn from the Gear S3 watches as well as audio gathered from the stage’s microphones. The custom network generates bespoke real-time data visualisations for the duration of the choirs’ performances, surrounded by Samsung campaign messaging and large scale, real-time iterations of the Gear S3’s breadth of applications. The team also used innovative layering within their designs to combine traditional CGI graphics with real-time elements – a technique used to great effect in Framestore's revitalisation of Morgan Stanley’s Times Square LED signage, earlier in 2016.

close up of two samsung gear s3 watches
close up of a samsung gear s3 watch
a choir singing on a stage in london


Global Head of Production, Digital Signage
Jonny Dixon
Lead Project Engineer
Liam Naerger
Interactive Developer
Stuart Batchelor, Ellie Ansell
Global Head of Creative, Digital Signage
Robin Carlisle
Art Director
Matt Sypien
Interactive Designer
Tristan Wickham, Eugene Hooper, Gill Mestari, Andrew Zmurowski
Senior Producer
Louise Burton
Lead Developer
Tuomo Rinne
Production Assistant
Viola Asztalos
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