With professional creatives constantly striving to evolve and grow in their fields, the campaign mirrors that transformation and shows that when equipped with the right tools and technology, creatives can take giant leaps as opposed to small steps. In order to share insight into the creative process and how the ultra high-powered Z by HP line facilitates endless possibilities, the campaign’s two films focus on different key areas of innovation that speak to the artist in all of us. 

‘Grow Beyond’ explores the expansive branches of a tree, reflecting the often non-linear creative choices that lead to an artist’s idea. The tree’s structure shows us how iterative and beautiful the creative process can be, even when some branches don’t bear fruit. This growth journey speaks to the power of Z by HP to run 3D software and process heavy renders, lifting technical barriers that can limit creative possibilities.   

The second film, ‘Making Waves,’ showcases the power of the tool’s AI capabilities in assisting an artist by removing creative obstacles, particularly for tasks like tracking, object scanning and image manipulation.

Gibbs and Eckardt creatively led the project from concept to delivery, each bringing a wealth of experience in design and CG, ensuring that every detailed element was beautifully choreographed and composed for maximum effect. 

“Directing a story about the creative process was something we truly relished. We wanted to celebrate the fundamental process of developing ideas and showcase that through a metaphorical journey. The sprawling branches of the tree within the film mirror the choices a creative makes as their idea comes to life -- each branch is a path that could lead to something fruitful. The energy of a wave perfectly represents the power of raw creative. By using the right tools, we can harness the chaos of creativity and build something magnificent,” shared Gibbs and Eckardt.