4 teens looking at a pink laser beam shooting into the sky

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield

As fans of Pokémon, Framestore was thrilled to help create a playful and colorful spot to announce the launch of the Pokémon Sword and Shield game for Nintendo Switch with Leo Burnett Chicago.

Visual Effects Supervisor

The ad shows off Sword and Shield’s gameplay by manifesting the classic Pokémon characters and their environments in the real world. Using production design and digital matte painting, Framestore transformed a picturesque English village into a mirror of the Galar region of the game itself.

Remaining faithful to Pokémon’s rich and unique history was always the main priority for the team, as it was important to honor the strong cultural identity attached to the game and the generations of passionate fans who are familiar with all aspects of the world. The aesthetic of the game nods to English villages while also incorporating the Japanese heritage of the brand, giving the visuals a unique and surreal look. The Cotswolds village where the spots were filmed acted as a canvas on which they would dress with production design and amplify with digital matte paintings. Flowers, vines, and small architectural touches like timber frames and tudor style turrets gave the real world location a classic Pokémon feel.

back view of teens looking at three small animated pokemon standing on the ground
side view of animated charizard pokemon in flames

The project was a true Framestore collaboration. Murray Butler of Framestore Pictures directed the spot, while Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio led the VFX team. Framestore’s London headquarters acted as a base for the UK shoot, with longtime partner The Third Floor leading previs.


Leo Burnett
Senior Producer
Brian Behling
Creative Director
Sean Hannaway
VP Account Director
Nickay Penado
Jennifer Siegel, Guillaume Raffi
Andy Green
Luca Pelegatta
Alexia Paterson
Clark Griffiths
CG Supervisor
CG Texture
Chingtien Chu
CG Rigging
Andrew Butler, Ewa Zych, Leo Schreiber, Robert Joosten
Digital Matte Painting
Steven Messing
Dominic Maiolo
Natalie Dahl
Framestore Pictures
Anne Vega
Andy Green
Senior Producer
Jamie Hoskins Smith
Shoot Supervisor
Jules Janaud
Comp Supervisor
Chris Beers
Chris Friesen, Cosku Ozdemir
CG Model
Chingtien Chu
CG Animation
Ashley Reemul, Eric Chou
Senior Account Executive
Elise Cowan
Production Coordinator
Olivia McLean
Assistant Editor
Mark Sheridan
Production Coordinator
Alissa Nunley
Danny DelPurgatorio
Comp Artists
Luca Pelegatta, Navid Bagherzadeh, Joseph Taylor, Jacob Dailey
CG Light
Chingtien Chu, Richard Coley
CG Previz
The Third Floor London
CG Camera Tracking
Richard Coley
Flame Assist
Serina Flores
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