The ad shows off Sword and Shield’s gameplay by manifesting the classic Pokémon characters and their environments in the real world. Using production design and digital matte painting, Framestore transformed a picturesque English village into a mirror of the Galar region of the game itself.

Remaining faithful to Pokémon’s rich and unique history was always the main priority for the team, as it was important to honor the strong cultural identity attached to the game and the generations of passionate fans who are familiar with all aspects of the world. The aesthetic of the game nods to English villages while also incorporating the Japanese heritage of the brand, giving the visuals a unique and surreal look. The Cotswolds village where the spots were filmed acted as a canvas on which they would dress with production design and amplify with digital matte paintings. Flowers, vines, and small architectural touches like timber frames and tudor style turrets gave the real world location a classic Pokémon feel.

The project was a true Framestore collaboration. Murray Butler of Framestore Pictures directed the spot, while Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio led the VFX team. Framestore’s London headquarters acted as a base for the UK shoot, with longtime partner The Third Floor leading previs.