Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll

VFX Supervisor

Jordan Carroll joined Framestore’s Chicago office in 2018 as CG Supervisor to lead some of the largest VFX projects across the Integrated Advertising division. Acting as both on-set supervisor and a hands-on creative, he continues to grow and develop Framestore's CG department locally and globally. 

Throughout his career, Jordan has worked with a variety of household brands, including Capital One, Chevrolet, Disney, General Motors, MillerCoors, McDonalds, Nintendo, and State Farm. Most recently, he has provided creative direction and overseen the character development of multiple high profile spots in recent years. These include Cox Mobile’s Annie and Hummer “Again” featuring Lebron James and a group of thrill seeking crabs. 

Prior to joining Framestore, he spent time at The Mill in Chicago as a CG Artist, then CG Lead, as well as Firstborn in New York as a generalist VFX Artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Cox Mobile Still
Cox Mobile 'We're Different Because You're Different'
A woman sat in a room lit with purple lights, she is looking at her hands.
Dell 'Defy Boundaries'
A crab sat in a car wearing a seatbelt.
Hummer 'Again'


VFX Supervisor
GMC Sierra EV
VFX Supervisor
JP Morgan
VFX Supervisor
McDonald’s x Thor
Creative Director