In partnership with Wieden+Kennedy and director Alex Prager of Arts & Sciences, Framestore’s Los Angeles-based team stepped in to oversee a host of digital visual effects that maintained a mechanical and in-camera aesthetic.

“Alex Prager’s vision was clear and well defined coming into this, and as a fan of her photography, I felt we needed to do all that we could to make sure it was unspoiled by the process,” said James Rogers, Framestore Creative Director. “We broke the scenes down as much as we could into smaller elements; and with some brilliant production design, we were able to assemble something that felt like hundreds of stage hands, pulleys and ropes were at work behind the scenes.”

In reality, there were many computer chips whirring away, but the focus remained on maintaining a result that felt analog. The Wieden+Kennedy team brought with them a sense of calm and whimsy, reflected in the spot itself, allowing for a unique style of visual storytelling.