Internships in London (eight weeks)

Framestore is delighted to announce the return of its in-person, in-studio Launchpad internship scheme. We are seeking 14 talented, ambitious graduates or students who will contribute to key film, advertising and tech projects, with the scheme running from July 4 - August 28 2022. The deadline for applications is April 29 2022. Click here to find out more and apply. 

Internships in Montréal (8 weeks)

Framestore is excited to announce the return of its in-person, in-studio Launchpad internship scheme.

We are seeking talented, ambitious graduates or students who will contribute to key film projects with the programme running from July 4 - August 26 2022. The application end date is on May 13 2022. Click here to apply.

New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles internships (6 months)

We're delighted that our in-person, in-studio internship is back for summer 2022, and running across our NY, LA and Chicago studios. 

This six-month paid internship is an amazing opportunity, and the perfect way to launch your career in VFX, Immersive or motion design.

Internships will run from June 13 2022 - November 23 2022 and applications are being accepted now. To apply, search for 'Launchpad' via our careers page.

Good luck!


Looking to learn more about the VFX industry, connect with our recruiters in live Q&As and even submit your demo reel to receive constructive feedback? Head over to our Education site to find out more. Link here

'Being an intern at Framestore felt like starting at Hogwarts. All interns stayed in the same dorm - all curious to learn VFX magic!'.

Niels Peter Kaagaard

'The Internship at Framestore was a great experience to build up my skills as an artist. It teaches you to have an open mind and work with others in a professional environment. The most rewarding part of the internship is seeing your work on TV'.

Paul Kim, CG Intern 2014, Junior Technical Director