'By developing our Level 4 apprenticeships we hope to open the door to a wider pool of talented individuals and to ensure that this fast-growing industry continues to be successful, innovative and cutting-edge'.

Amy Smith - Head of Talent

What is it?

These structured learning programmes train you to work in entry level roles that the Games and VFX industries see as critical. Which means your skills will be in demand from the moment you start. And unlike a degree course, you can complete your training in just two years, have two years' work experience and start your career debt-free. Together we create a highly skilled workforce that's ready to meet the future demands of the business.

'It didn’t hit me that I was looking at material that was top secret and I've always been a fan of. And once I got to work on it as well.. it still hasn’t sunk in.'

Jake Bush, Junior 2d Apprentice, Framestore

'If you want to do it and you want to work in visual effects, make things if you can, if you’re inspired to make things and show it to us, don’t be scared to put it across, we’re not looking for something fancy, we just love that you can do it.'

Annie Gordon, VFX Producer, Lexhag

Who is it for?

The roles of Junior 2D artist and Assistant Technical Director will be open to EU citizens who are school or college leavers or who are looking for a career change from another industry; encouraging inclusive, diverse and accessible recruitment within the industry.

How does it work?

Running for 12 to 18 months, you will work with Award winning VFX teams on real-world productions and get dedicated training and tuition in your chosen field. This scheme is a return to the “on the job” approach to training. Representing a fantastic next step from the NextGen diploma in games, animation and VFX skills, the schemes are designed by industry, for the industry; as successful students are well placed to move into work when graduating.

What do I get out of it?

As part of the Framestore team, you’ll get the chance to work on High-Profile projects, be mentored by experienced Framestore artists and you’ll earn a Level 4 qualification at the end of your apprenticeship!

How do I apply?

Applications for 2020 will be opening soon and will need to be done through the NextGen Skills Academy


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