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Jeff's World

Framestore collaborated with director Tomas Jonsgården, Boys + Girls and Ponder to create “Jeff’s World” for Three Ireland where they were tasked with bringing to life Jeff, a plucky pet bearded dragon who goes on an adventure while his owners are out of town.

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jeff the pet beadered dragon poking its head above a chair

"We could not have picked a better partner than Framestore for this project. The sparring of the ideas and their execution was just brilliant. Can’t wait for the next chance to collaborate on a project and perhaps that includes taking Jeff out for another spin." Tomas Jonsgården, Director.  

Starting from the concept, the team headed up by Framestore’s VFX Supervisor, Jules Janaud worked closely with Tomas Jonsgården who directed the piece for Boys + Girls to define Jeff's character. Paying close attention to how a bearded dragon moves and behaves in its environment the team gathered a bank of reference material. They then created Jeff’s features including the scales, his iconic soft chin with spikes, the distinctive jiggle, and a bespoke rig for the inside of his mouth. They also used a procedural system in Houdini to ensure the scales would function and look realistic whilst Jeff was tweaked and iterated along the way.

the head of pet bearded dragon jeff poking his head above a table

On set, the team used a taxidermy bearded dragon for lighting references. In addition, they 3D scanned each scene and captured as many references as possible to help reconstruct each shot environment to perfection

“Several shots were shot at high-speed, so it was tricky to ensure the animation felt real,” said Jules Januad. “Lizards move in a broken-up way and if you start slowing things down it doesn't always work well visually. We had to find subtle elegant moves whilst ensuring Jeff remained looking like an authentic lizard, so we added some skin passes, such as rippled, deformation and details on the spikes to move with the wind.”

close up shot of jeff the pet bearded dragon's face and showcasing the details of the animation

“It was challenging to create a character that was both anatomically correct, but also have the ability to be comical in its performance,” said Jules Janaud. “Jeff had to be believable but at the same time we needed to create something beyond the boundaries of realism.” 

Kris Clarkin, Creative Director of Boys + Girls said “An idea like this one lives or dies in how it is executed, so we were delighted when Framestore came on board. From day one, it felt like we had a shared vision for the project. The craft and attention-to-detail from Jules and his team was second to none. They are truly world class and it was a joy to collaborate with them on Jeff’s World.”

close up shot of jeff the pet bearded dragon's face with his mouth ajar

"In order to illustrate Jeff's newfound lust for life we built upon his generally relaxed posture and inserted some lizard-like head looks and eye darts to emphasise the comedy,” added Framestore’s Lead Animator, Daniel Bielawski. “The parts that work best for me are when he’s not in control – his entire body might lose grip on the slippery vacuum cleaner surface, but he still happily bumbles through the city streets!" 

Alongside the creature work, the environment called for various set digital matte paintings and backgrounds including some sky enhancement and adding buildings such as skyscrapers to heighten the vibrant city feel.

“This type of work is a playground for VFX artists in general and it’s pure enjoyment to make something that’s fun to watch.” said Jules Janaud.

The grade for the spot was completed by Jean-Clément Soret at Framestore’s sister company, Company 3. 

close up of jeff the bearded dragon holding onto a roomba as he is shouting
perspective of us onlooking jeff the bearded dragon's back as he is sliding down a road on a roomba that overlooks mountains and the sea in the distance


Tomas Jonsgården
Magnus Åkerstedt
Executive Producer
Paul Holmes
Asset Supervisor
Billy Butler
Bruno Reis Coimbra
Justine Lecat
Head of Layout and Tracking
Paul Amiras
Head of Animation
Brad Silby
Lead Animator
Daniel Bielawski
Senior Animator
Adam Bailey
Benjamin Lane
Sofia Llobregat
Head of Rigging
Brad Noble
Rigging TD
Nathan Clark
Head of CFX
Gabriela Ruch Salmeron
Aurelie Duret
Jack Hubbard
Compositing Supervisor
Suzanne Jandu
Lionel Heath, Cristina Recuero Esquina, Daniel Ravanelli, Ewelina Freuer, Jack Neale, Jack Pond, Joan Marques, Luigi Russo, Navid Bagherzadeh
DMP Artist
Chelsea Ward
Lighting TD
Erik Weaver-Pronk, Federico Ghirlanda
Head of Editorial
Humberto Reynaga
VFX Editor
Matthew Collins
Flame Artist
Darran Nicholson
Exec Producer
Anna MacDonald
Jake Saunders
VFX Coordinator
Poppy Chadwick
Production Assistant
Charlene Faure-Berichi
Jean-Clément Soret at Company 3
Creative Agency
Boys + Girls
Chief Creative Officer
Rory Hamilton
Creative Director
Kris Clarkin
Senior Art Director
Dean Ryan
Senior Copywriter
Michael Whelan
Business Director
Sarah Sherry
Senior Account Manager
Jessica Stokes
Exec Production Director
Derek Doyle
Three Ireland
Head of Marketing Communications
Eilis Fitzgerald
Marketing Manager
Ann Marie O'Brien
Campaign Manager
Carol Doherty
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