marry the moon character hue looking sad as his shadow projects a highlighted pair of hands reaching up to a couple of butterflies


From creator Nicole McDonald, Framestore Ventures has partnered with Marry the Moon to tell a touch-based interactive tale about a young man, named Hue, who has lost his ability to see color.

He's not depressed per se, but as a result, he’s dim to all the wonders life has to offer. That's where you, the user, come in...your interaction helps Hue rediscover life’s full spectrum.

For Hue, life has lost its color. You’re going to help him find his formerly full spectrum.

hue character looking to the ground with his hands in his pockets

What would you do if your best friend lost his senses?

This touch-based interactive tale tells a universal story about how it feels to be sad and how to communicate with sad people. Hue realistically reacts to our touch like a living and breathing man. And while you can’t drag Hue straight out of the dumps, you can transform the narrative in a manner that helps him gently face the memories he once tried to repress and see the glorious “smell the roses” moments of the present day. In Hue’s stark world there isn’t initially much to see, but Hue’s shadow remembers the happy times and is tired of Hue’s moping. Once you arrive on the scene, the shadow is your silent and playful compatriot, capable of sneaking around behind Hue’s back in order to help shade over the parts of Hue’s world that will jostle his noggin on the path back toward a brighter day.

close up sketch of a woman's face that is covered in colourful butterflies that surround her face

The story evolves

With the introduction of each color, more narrative is revealed. As you come to understand him, Hue’s character evolves: his disposition changes, he learns to value your assistance, and even starts to take some initiative of his own. Or he may need some support when something makes him retreat back into his shell. It’s up to you to touch and feel him out. Throughout the experience the environment builds from monotone to duotone until Hue finds himself a productive member of a lush, three-strip society. And he’s taken this journey from glum to glad (maybe even glitzy) thanks to your touch and care.

back view of hue sitting at a desk in a room that is full of piles of books

In development

Hue is an interactive narrative currently in development for mobile, tablet, video and VR. Built entirely in game engine, the fluid, painterly style presented a unique technical challenge to overcome. The project was awarded a Fellowship at the Sundance Frontier Lab 2016, and Hue was a smashing success with the industry experts in attendance, earning high praise for the stunning visuals and ambitious story concept. The project premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2017.

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