An ancient Egyptian tomb painted and decorated with gold, there is a chariot being pulling further into the tomb by scarab beetles.

Gods of Egypt: Battle for Eternity

‘Battle for Eternity' twins the latest in VR technology with a high speed roller coaster to transport riders into the world of Gods of Egypt. Visitors to Lionsgate Entertainment World take part in a thrilling white-knuckle journey as they try to escape from a host of terrifying monsters.

a pharoah's chambers covered in gold. there are two large scarabs flying and pulling a golden sledge

The ride’s virtual reality media produced for Thinkwell Group is prerendered in 4K resolution, 3D stereo, at 60 frames per second and is synced seamlessly with the movements of the roller coaster. And because the feeling of speed and movement can be enhanced and manipulated using a VR headset, Gavin Fox, the ride media's creative director, could add even more excitement to the already thrilling ride through the Egyptian setting. 

sketch of a rollercoaster ride inforgraphic
animated golden sledge pulled by two large scarabs that are flying amongst a canyon
Our goal with Battle for Eternity was to make riders feel as though they’re part of this fantastic world, so we combined the movement of a rollercoaster with the world-building possibilities allowed by VR.
Gavin Fox
Creative Director
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