We see a window into his creative process in ‘15 Minutes Story,’ his ability to form connections with people in ‘Show Up,’ and witness some of his bright ideas in ‘Goes Together.’  With so much of the Gecko featured in each of the spots, the Framestore team had the opportunity to dig into his animated performance, putting a myriad of mannerisms, unique gestures and comic timing on display.

“Ordinarily, a project such as this would require shooting plates, but in the height of COVID lockdowns when live shoots were no longer a possibility, we got to work devising a solution that would construct the entire spots digitally,” said Framestore Creative Director, Andy Rowan-Robinson. “Using a toolbox of techniques developed from concept to final delivery, the VFX team was able to preserve the crucial photographic legacy of previous GEICO spots.”  

Research was conducted around the way that film and camera sensors typically react to light in order to inform the composites. From there, by combining existing imagery from an asset library and shooting auxiliary footage locally, the team created fully-CG environments with the help of digital matte painting to seamlessly marry the footage together.

With the advantage of full control over each shot, Framestore worked closely with The Martin Agency to envision exactly what the Gecko's office would look like, beginning with architectural concepts and developing the look and feel of the space to perfectly complement the character (inclusive of fun Easter Egg references to past spots that nod to the Gecko's history).