A split of three images, the top being a industrial warehouse with pipes and ladders. The middle section is a futuristic city with golden pyramids and statues. The bottom shows a grey sky with the outline of trees in front.

Environmental Media

Lionsgate Entertainment World provides plenty of opportunity for visitors to engage with the brand’s properties including environmental media created by Framestore for Thinkwell Group. This content is displayed on screens throughout the park including on a huge central three-storey structure comprised of eight curved screens which reflects the look and feel of the IPs on display at the park. 

a large tower screen

Designed as something complementary to the rides, Framestore created this media to inject life throughout the park across its large-scale architectural installations. The impressive chandelier arrangement that's the centre-piece of this displays media designed by Framestore to reflect the aesthetics of the different IPs represented throughout the park.

a large tower screen with silhouttes of people walking in the panels amongst a shopping mall
a large tower screen of play cards projected on it amongst a shopping mall
All of the media that we have created is designed to capture the feeling of Lionsgate’s properties so fans of these movies are given an experience that engages them as soon as they enter the park until the moment they leave.
Gavin Fox
Creative Director
three creens of the city of panem and hunger games graphics

three screens of divergent graphics

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