Coming it at #2 on the famed USA Today Ad Meter, Framestore contributed a variety of VFX magic to the final spot alongside creative agency Highdive and Director Craig Gillespie of MJZ. Considering the circumstances presented by COVID lockdowns, the team was tasked with creating a CG stadium arena complete with roaring crowds for the wrestling scene, a variety of CG snakes and a snake bite (for the safety of all actors and animals involved), as well as composited wardrobe elements and a creepy ghoul placed into the nightmare scene. 

“COVID certainly presented a series of production challenges which required creative solutions within a limited timeframe,” said Murray Butler, Creative Director at Framestore. “We were thrilled to be part of this hilarious and creative project, and I was very proud of our team across LA, Chicago and New York for how epic and photographically real they were able to make each CG element look.”

“This spot was written for Tracy Morgan – he’s the guy we wanted to take us on this journey – lending his one-of-a-kind jovial and humorous personality that everyone loves,” said Highdive Co-Founder and Co-Chief Creative Officer, Mark Gross.

Morgan is also joined by a cameo from NFL superstar Joey Bosa of the Los Angeles Chargers, flexing his car-flipping strength to drill the message home. The spot aired on broadcast during the Big Game as well as also on the brand’s socials and digital channels.