Production and Post-Production Details

Led by Framestore's Los Angeles office this campaign includes three TV commercials: 'Shepard', 'Monsters' and 'Rally Cry'. The campaign was shot with two high-quality Alexa65 cameras, giving the campaign a visceral visual energy. To compensate for the massive amounts of data from the cameras Framestore had to develop a swift and innovative approach for storage and rendering in 5k.

A large portion of the job was to provide cleanup work across all three spots. Framestore also provided a handful of 2D CG smoke comps and enhancements on 'Rally Cry', which were all handled by Ryland Bowen-Johnson and his Flame team including final conform, finishing and assorted other tweaks across of all three spots. The greenscreen Vin Diesel shots were all composited in Nuke as well as the two set extension DMPs. Framestore's global pipeline across the LA and London offices provided an effecient process, given the short turnaround time, with a seamlessly integrated workflow.

On Set

Framestore partnered again with Director Marc Forster and Tool of North America. There was great collaboration between Marc, DP Adam Richard, and VFX Supervisor Michael Ralla, which gave Framestore a big say in a lot of aspects, including camera choices and shooting methodologies. Framestore took a steer on the the Vin Diesel driving scenes, where there was a concentrated effort to avoid a fake greenscreen look. Framestore suggested a 360 degree LED lighting approach, which Marc and Adam ultimately approved, for greater realism.