Joining creative agencies Team One and Saachi & Saachi London, Framestore brought the story of two empowering and savvy travel buddies to life as the all-singing, bike riding, sign flipping embodiment of Expedia. Set to the Eric Carmen belter, “All By Myself,” the campaign is a quirky take on how the convenience and portability of Expedia can make an otherwise lackluster holiday into an amazingly memorable one.

Framestore’s teams across the US and UK were tasked with carefully blending a variety of sources to create complete scenes, matching each actor into various locations. The team worked its magic by growing 3D foliage in set extensions for a vineyard using Houdini, building planes and exterior extensions throughout an airport, as well as signage and extensions in the streets of Tokyo using Nuke and Flame. They also provided general weather adjustment for a seamless and believable ambiance throughout each scene.

“Everything hinged on practical-looking set transitions which we achieved thanks to multiple passes with additional reality-based CG elements,” said James Rogers, Creative Director at Framestore. “The spots were shot across various locations, including an additional pick-up shoot in Costa Rica, so we had to ensure that each scene was able to truly transport the audience and maintain continuity in an authentic way.”

The U.S. campaign elements first launched during the 93rd Academy Awards broadcast, followed by a global rollout.