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James Rogers

Executive Creative Director
Los Angeles

An award-winning artist, James Rogers currently serves as Creative Director and VFX Supervisor at Framestore’s studio in LA. He established his career in Australia, originally in the camera department before pivoting to Flame. After freelancing globally, Rogers moved to Hawaii to work with Square USA on projects like the 2001 animated film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which brought the first animated photoreal humans to screen, as well as the critically acclaimed Animatrix omnibus.

In 2004, he returned to Australia to co-found Postmodern Sydney, which was eventually acquired by Deluxe in 2010. He then transitioned to Method Studios in Sydney where he worked on high profile commercials, TV, and feature productions including Argo and The Wolverine, as well as a collection of award-winning arthouse films. He moved to Method’s LA office in 2015, where he spearheaded VFX for Target’s holiday campaigns. While at Framestore, Rogers has worked alongside a host of top directors, including Dave Meyers and Ian Pons Jewell.

Expedia Island Still
TurboTax Face Mask
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Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director, VFX Supervisor
AT&T March Madness 2022
Creative Director, VFX Supervisor
Super Bowl LVI 2022
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