a bright and sunny blanket of clouds in the troposphere as a hot air balloon flies in the distance


Our custom path tracer, Freak, sits at the heart of our film production pipeline and is used to render all our pixels. Freak provides us with the flexibility and technical freedom we need to produce the very best images, and our render technology team works closely with our lookdev and lighting teams to continuously evolve this platform.

actor felicity jones as amelia from the aeronauts laying on top of a hot air balloon

Freak gives us the perfect platform to develop quality, scale and efficiency, satisfying the specific needs for existing projects and raising the bar for the future.
Mark Wilson
Head of CG

Freak is an embree-based path tracer with a design that has evolved hand-in-hand with our VFX production. It has allowed us to design an advanced, bespoke shader architecture, capable of rendering creatures, environments and volumetrics with the highest degree of accuracy.

Freak is also an active research platform, allowing us to solve production problems through the exploration and refinement of cutting edge techniques in sampling, optimisation, machine learning and production analytics.

His Dark Materials Bear
front view of spider-man falling through spider webs surrounded in green mist
actors chris evans as captain america and mark ruffalo as cg animated smart hulk
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