Fibre is the highly optimised PDB-based groom dynamics solver that we use in-house to simulate hair, fur, feathers and foliage across tens of thousands of shots every year. Forming part of a largely automated pipeline, this allows our talented CFX artists to focus on look development rather than manually tweaking simulations.

With Fibre we have been able to reduce manual post-sim fixing by 80% and reduced the simulation time for fur and feathers by up to 50% and 80%, respectively.
Carl Bianco
Head of Creature FX


Once a creature’s anatomy has been established, Framestore's proprietary grooming tool suite Hairfilters is used to add hair, fur or feathers. Hairfilters has continuously evolved over the past 15 years and is now closely integrated into our simulation and rigging pipeline, allowing us to deliver a large volume of highly complex creatures across a wide range of visual looks.

cg animated photorealistic paddington bear holding up an orange cut in two pieces
pikachu wearing a detective hat looking up happily
niffler creature from fantastic beasts, mid air, holding a tiara
His Dark Materials S2
Baby Groot and Rocket