Framestore is proud to be a key part of PRESENT - Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity; a European Commission-supported project that’s seeing the development of an AI-integrated digital human built in Epic’s Unreal Engine.

The hugely ambitious R&D project is already over a year into development, and will ultimately see the Framestore technology team rig and render a next-gen real-time digital human capable of giving a believable emotional performance. The goal is for the end result to look entirely naturalistic and be able to communicate with visuals that bridge the uncanny valley, all rendered in real-time. 

The PRESENT project will produce a digital human capable of giving a number of demonstrations, but it also acts as a signifier of where filmmaking is moving.
Theo Jones
VFX Supervisor

Added Jones: ‘Framestore is known for being able to impart emotion and performance into entirely digital characters, something that we felt made us the right partner for the European Commission on the project. The innovations we push forward with this project will put us in a great position to plan, develop and create the future of high-quality digital humans that will be seen on screen and as part of interactive experiences.’ 

This project’s focus on innovative research in the area of real-time game engine technology make it one of several underway at Framestore as the creative studio deploys the technology to create real-time experiences for entertainment and theme park clients while also using it to deliver the latest in virtual production techniques and shot-based workflows. ​