Virtual Scouting and Camera

Virtual Scouting

Virtual Scouting allows filmmakers to navigate and interact in virtual environments, helping them make better creative decisions and ‘access’ locations that may be logistically difficult, financially prohibitive or impossible to reach in real life. 

Using our proprietary fARsight platform, directors and DOPs can easily find locations, compose shots, set up scene blocking and get accurate representations of filming locations in an entirely virtual world. With our unique, filmmaker-friendly system it is possible to walk, fly or teleport to any point around the virtual set, viewing the scene in question through the lens of a camera, with the option to change film back, lens and focal point. 

Collaborative and collegiate, it is possible for all members of a production to explore a scene together, as well as move objects and props in virtual space in real time, leave markers and draw in the scene.

Virtual Camera

Closely linked to our virtual scouting platform, our virtual camera system offers filmmakers and showrunners a unique opportunity to plot, plan and explore the 3D virtual world we create for them. Behaving in the same way cameras would in the real-world, our virtual cameras’ motion can be driven by an animator, motion capture data or an external controller such as an iPad. The camera's optical settings such as focal length, aperture and focus distance can all be controlled by the user to determine how a virtual object or environment will appear on screen.

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