LIONS Live: Deepfakes

Friday 26 June 2020

Chief Creative Officer Mike McGee and Executive Creative Director William Bartlett presented as part of Cannes LIONS Live in a session all about deepfakes. The virtual festival was a replacement for the annual event which takes place in Cannes each year and saw the team invited to give the keynote on the last spot of the week. 

Mike and William covered the specifics of how the technology creates a deepfake and the other potential uses of articifically-intelligent processes.  

The pair were joined by some very special guests who helped to promote the session - though we're not sure how good they are at getting across the intricacies and complex technical details. 

The deepfake sketch which opened the presentation can be watched below and the full session can be viewed here on the Cannes LIONS Live website. 


Little Black Book

Ahead of the presentation, we spoke to Little Black Book's Laura Swinton. They spoke about how our recent BoJo and Trump trailers for the event were made, the practicalities of deepfake and why AI can only enhance rather than replace true creativity.

Read Laura's full Q&A with Mike and William here

Befores and Afters

Ian Failes wrote about the session, sharing sections of the presentation and saying that 'It’s actually one of the first times I’ve watched a plain-language examination of deepfakes.'

Read Ian's article here