Headshot of Martin Cutball

Martin Cutbill

VFX Supervisor

Martin is a VES-nominated VFX Supervisor, whose extensive experience and unique skillset have positioned him as an integral member of Framestore’s Immersive team. Specializing primarily in Dark Rides, his recent projects include: Sony Pictures’ Jumanji: The Adventure for Merlin Creative/Gardaland, for which he received a nomination for a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects In A Special Venue Project, Universal Studios Beijing's Jurassic World Adventure, recipient of the VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects In A Special Venue Project and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight for Lionsgate Entertainment World, a seven-and-a-half-minute single-shot motion simulator ride in 60fps Stereo. Prior to Framestore Martin Started his career at Bandito VFX, then moved to DNEG, culminating as Sequence Environment Supervisor on Pacific Rim Uprising. Notably, he was a member of the VFX Oscar and BAFTA-winning team behind Interstellar, as well as apart of the team on Ant-Man, Terminator Genisys and Life.

An ancient ruin is attacked by a rock-like monster
Merlin Creative/Gardaland - Jumanji: The Adventure
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World in the jungle at night next to a velosiraptor
Universal Studios Beijing - Jurassic World Adventure
The view of a city block through a heads up display in a aircraft, there is a hill and a body of water in background.
Lionsgate Entertainment World - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight


VFX Supervisor
Sequence Environment Supervisor
Pacific Rim Uprising
Environments Lead
Sequence Lead
Assassin’s Creed
VFX Artist
Terminator Genisys
VFX Artist
Lead Digital Artist
VFX Artist
Thor: The Dark World
VFX Artist
Les Misérables
CG Supervisor
Lead Visual Effects Artist