Karch Coon Headshot

Karch Coon

VFX Supervisor
New York

Having started at Framestore in 2012 in the film sector, Karch has been with the studio for nearly all of his professional career. After working in Framestore’s film sector, Karch pivoted to the Integrated Advertising and Episodic department, where he has worked on numerous projects for an array of notable brands and creatives including Nespresso "Comin' Home" starring George Clooney which earned Karch a VES nomination for compositing, "Lionsong" directed by Inez and Vinoodh featured in Bjork's MoMA career retrospective and Apple “Welcome Home” directed by Spike Jonze. 

Prior to joining Framestore, Karch attended The Art Institute of Portland, OR and studied Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. While in Portland, Karch worked at Laika Animation Studios on the stop-animation film, "ParaNorman". 

Karch draws inspiration from an array of areas including cinematography, film, old matte paintings and his colleagues at Framestore. 

a black and white close up of george clooney and janet leigh as marion clane driving in a car
Nespresso 'Comin Home'
FKA Twigs dancing in a living room
Apple Homepod 'Welcome Home'
GEICO 'How the Gecko Connects'

Compositing Supervisor
Compositing Supervisor
Shell 'Unbound'
Bjork 'Lionsong'
Apple Airpods 'Homepod'
Compositing Supervisor
Chase 'Sizzle'
VFX Shoot Supervisor
UN 'Jurassic Talk'