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July 11, 2023 - July 13, 2023

Develop: Brighton 2023

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Realtime Engines: Blurring the Boundaries Between Film and Game Development

- 12th July 2023

- 5:00pm BST

- Room 2

Delivered by a games industry veteran turned VFX newcomer Will Myles, this session will begin with an examination of the growing trend in using real-time engines as part of the film-making process.  Exploring the current applications for real-time engines in Virtual production.  From In-Camera VFX using LED volumes, to engine use in Pre and Post visualisation.  

Framestore's Unreal Shot Engine (FUSE) – a collaboration with Epic through their MegaGrant project - is presented as the next step in real-time engine use for film. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates Unreal Engine into the company's VFX pipeline.  

In order to test FUSEs real-time workflows in a production environment, a short film "Flite", has been created. Which will be used as a case study to discuss the benefits and trade-offs of using real-time engine technology in this way.

The session concludes by considering the exciting possibilities that now exist for closer collaboration between the film and game industries.