Santa looking in washing machine

The World Needs More Santas

Coca-Cola’s Christmas ad fizzes with VFX talent as Framestore works with Traktor and Anthony Dod Mantle to bring Santa to town.

Shoot Production
Santa waving to crowd

To deliver the Coca-Cola Christmas ad, which is one of the most watched commercials globally, Framestore collaborated closely with the Agency, VMLY&R and a trio of the industry’s most revered talent, including the legendary director collective Traktor, the Academy Award winning Director of Photography Anthony Dod Mantle as well as one of the top grading artists globally, Jean-Clément Soret.

Santa looking in washing machine
Santaa walking around town

The commercial initially transports us into a festive city filled with gorgeously glowing Santas which we follow as they spread Christmas joy and kindness before it’s revealed that the big man himself is a metaphor that anyone can be kind and good. In fact anyone can be Santa.

Headed up by Kamen Markov, Framestore carried out extensive comp work for the spot, including multiplying the same actor playing Santa by stitching multiple plates together in situ.

Santa waving to crowd
Santa on a skateboard in the snow

The team also delivered the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck in CG, enhanced the environments with beautiful VFX work including ground snow, Christmas decorations in the streets and adding additional depth to the beautifully enhanced wide shots.

Santas weightlifting
Santas in a restaurant

“Having worked with Traktor for more than a decade, we’ve built a tremendous amount of trust, and the whole process was an exercise of creative professionalism,” said Kamen Markov. “In a complex project such as this one, we couldn't be happier that Anthony Dod Mantle was on board, and as challenging as this project was to shoot, we made a smooth ride out of it, largely thanks to the fantastic support, trust and understanding of the Agency VMLY&R.” 

Working seamlessly alongside the team was master colourist Jean-Clément Soret at Company 3, who offered up a warm grade which transcends the winter scenes.

Ending on the evocative words 'The World Needs More Santas' this Christmas collaboration quenches our annual thirst for a feel-good Christmas advertising offering. 


Client Agency
WPP Open X Team
Creative Agency
Simon Lloyd
Daniel Lipman
Yann Gael-Cobigo, Thibault Michal, Jonathan Thake
Head of Production
Charlotte Greywoode
Senior Producer
Danielle Lyons
Assistant Producer
Taylor Erickson
Account Director
Anne-Rosalie Citroen
Production Company UK
Stink Films
Anthony Dod Mantle
Jon Chads
Line Producer
Lucy Gossage
Production Company Bulgaria
Icon Films
Millen Nickolov
Creative Director
VFX Supervisor
2D Supervisor
Matthew Thomas
CG Supervisor
Joel Savage
Senior Producer
Alexia Paterson
Sharma Lewis
Production Coordinator
Chloe Dunn
Production Coordinator
Poppy Chadwick
Production Assistant
Jamie Scott
Kamen Markov, Matthew Thomas, Andrew Salter, John Sellings, Jack Neale, Aadel Matoorianpour, Evan Langley, Jess Kim, Vinny David, Mike Simons, Niki Ryan
CG Assets & Lighting
Johannes Sambs, Wenjie Wu, Adrian Williams, Nathan Clark, Jake Roberts
Paint & Roto Lead
Melvin Pillai, Asher Hunt
Digital Matte Painting
Nanao McKay
Hiero Editorial
Humberto Reynaga, Matthew Collins
Tracking & Layout
Micaela Arslanian, Zoe Woods, Victor Farag
MCR Support
George Vickers, Ollie Cooke
David Lochhead, Nathan Zankich
Concept Artists
Gabriela Pruszkowska, Katie Hallaron
Jean-Clément Soret
Executive Colour Producer
Ellora Soret
Line Producer
Kerri Aungle